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    RF ID Chip Identification System by Datamars Switzerland, Reader and 2 Antennas, 1000 UHF RFID Laundry Chips Tags, <20 msec Fast Reading

    High quality industrial RF identification system by Datamars, Switzerland. All wires included, 1 chip reader, 2 antennas and 1000 new laundry chips. Acquired from a closed down textile plant in Montreal, Quebec. From left to right:

    • Datamars laundry and textile chip reader model R-IN7500 NMS. Fast 20 milliseconds reading for most conveyors. Supports up to 2 antennas. Serial 082161, Swiss made.
    • Datamars table top reading antenna model A-ST7530 US. Fast 20 msec reading. 30 centimeters reading distance. Serial 035087, Swiss Made.
    • Custom reading antenna model IR-50E in a heavy duty control panel. 12 Volts DC antenna outbut, serial RFID98002.
    • 1000 new and unopened Datamars UHF RFID laundry chips tags model FT301 - ST Novo.
    • Ready to work, standard computer and software required (not included).

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