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    New Digital Vibration Meter 1332 Instrument by Showa Sokki Japan w/ Accessories

    New in its case, complete with accessories, case and instructions. High quality handheld digital vibration meter model 1332 by Showa Sokki, Japan. Surplus from Canada's National Defense. The meter works with a standard 9 volts battery (included). It measures acceleration, velocity (speed) and vibration displacement. It has a clear digital screen, an output, a PU input and 5 buttons (on/off, acc., vel., disp. and hold). Meter measures 3 X 5.5 inches. Sturdy and compact vinyle case with a shoulder strap, measures 6 x 5 inches.

    Digital vibration meters are used in civil engineering to measure the vibration of buildings, roads and bridges, in manufacturing to monitor machine condition, and in the military to measure the vibration of the human body. Technicians also use these meters in tandem with sound level meters to analyze frequency. Digital vibration meters quickly detect imbalance in machines, evaluate the condition of electronic motors and examine bearings and gears.

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