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    Dearborn Protocol Adapter 4 plus, DPA4 Truck Communication Adapter, 6/9 Pins Deutsch J1939 and USB Cables

    Mint condition, fully functional light to heavy-duty truck protocol adapter. Model 4 plus by Dearborn Group DG. Includes the e-manual (28 pages), a split 6/9 pins Deutsch J1939-04 Rev D cable (4 feet long) and a screw in USB cable (15 feet long). Device as 3 light indicators marked with protocols J1939 (CAN) / SW CAN, J1850 / Class II (J1850 VPW) and J1708 # UART. Device measures 3 X 5 5/8 inches. Serial 1A3G3-1117-10456, original barcode sticker on back.

    The Dearborn Protocol Adapter 4 plus (DPA4) is used to connect vechicle communiction networks and personal computers. Allows PC programs to retrieve vehicle fault codes, component info and perform vehicle and component level diagnostics.

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