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    Antique Edison Wax Cylinder Dictaphone 10X Type A, Dictating Machine, Works

    Working and complete. Listen, Neutral and Dictate functions work well. Motor is original, very clean and functions smoothly. It records and plays. Two out of four wax cylinders are intact and new except for our short test on one of them. The two other wax cylinders are cracked. Original and functional wires, one plug updated for safety. We replaced the belt since the original leather one was dry. The dictaphone is 33 inches tall, 39 inches including the mouthpiece. The bottom cart is removable and wheels roll well. The dictaphone is marked "The Dictaphone, Dictaphone Corporation New York, Sole Manufacturers, Model 10X, Made in USA, Type A Dictating Machine". The motor is marked "The Dictaphone, Universal Electric Motor, Wound for AC or DC, Type N". We removed dust and dirt, inspected electricity and preserved its original patina.

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